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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Free Download Actual Window Minimizer 7.4.2 Full Version Crack

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Free Download Actual Window Minimizer 7.4.2 Full Version Crack
Introduction: Actual Window Minimizer 7.4.2

Since Windows� operating system doesn�t provide the default ability to minimize any window to the system tray, A Free Download Actual Window Minimizer 7.4.2 Full Version Crack was developed for this single purpose but being developed for years now it performs this single function flawlessly.
Actual Window Minimizer is a small but powerful utility which is only needed to be installed to bring the minimize-to-tray ability online in a most quick and easy way: it adds an extra Minimize-to-Tray button to every window�s title bar so that you can send any window to the system tray in a single mouse click! You can use Actual Window Minimizer for free for 60 days after it is installed so just download and try it yourself now!
Besides the extra button Actual Window Minimizer offers many other ways to perform the minimize-to-tray action. For example, you can override the default behavior of any window�s standard Minimize button and use it for the alternative minimization. Also you can hide windows in the tray automatically upon their startup or deactivation. Comprising the experience of thousands of its users Actual Window Minimizer is the ultimate solution for the �Minimize-to-Tray� problem!

Changes in Actual Window Minimizer 7.4 Final:
Windows 7: The ability to start Actual Window Minimizer at the end of the installation is restored.
Additional title buttons work correct in Mozilla Thunderbird 17.
Compatibility with JRiver Media Center 18 is finally fixed.
SURFCAM 6 crashed in some cases.
If there were hotkey combinations already by the system, other hotkey combinations might work incorrectly.
Control keys (e.g. Backspace) were blocked while editing file names in the Configuration window.

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