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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

HTML Guard php encryption Software Free Download

On : 08:12

HTML Guard php encryption Software Free Download

HTML Guard is often a powerful and easy-to-use solution that protects site content against unauthorized duplicating. Be it Code, images, wording or back links, the software may help secure all elements of a web site. HTML Guard is often a software which allows you protect your origin code.

Among other things, it is effective at encrypting HTML origin code, blocking text variety, blocking the actual right-click food list. HTML GUARD protection infact is based on altering and extending the prevailing source code of an website.

Pages protected with all the software continue to be standards-compliant and may still become viewed in a JavaScript-enabled browser. HTML Guard isn't going to require almost any special add-ons or perhaps installations, whether within the browser or on the net server.

HTML Guard Features:

  • Encrypt origin code
  • Compress origin code
  • Disable suitable mouse button
  • Block the actual context menu within the browser, thus limiting the ability to copy or perhaps save photographs, text, and links through right-clicking.
  • Disable wording and impression selection
  • Stop your website written content from being selected with all the mouse and copied towards the clipboard.
  • Disable Photograph Toolbar in Web browser 6
  • HTML Guard enables you to protect full websites, including all ringbinders, in a few clicks.



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