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Friday, 8 February 2013

I M Not Alone 2010 Download Full Version Game

On : 09:30

I M Not Alone 2010 Download Full Version Game
PC Game I M Not Alone 2010

 I M Not Alone 2010 Game
Horrer PC Game I M Not Alone 2010 Game Review: In the horror game I'm Not Alone 2010 the players assume the role of a bold exorcist whose quest takes him to the Austrian mountains to free an old mansion from the of a the clutches of an evil supernatural power. Upon his arrival location he has to encounter sheer horror. Disfigured demons have entered our world from the underworld and spread terror and fear. Now only the player can put an end to this sinister presence. His magical skills as a psychic medium enable him to  switch between real and the demon world in order to accept the challenge and defend against the creatures from hell. With a quick trigger finger also an attentive mind the player can explore the spooky mansion and unearth a dreadful secret. Some note worthy features of the game include Cinematically expressed story guaranteed to raise goosebumps A variety of enemies and a large arsenal of destructive weapons. Dynamic lighting, camera effects and shadow settings Crispy and highly detailed graphical elements, this credit goes to the S2Engine. Logical puzzles and fighting close combat. Multiple difficulty levels. 

I M Not Alone 2010 Screen Shots 2I M Not Alone 2010 System Requirements:
Operating System Installation Should Be Win XP OR Vista
Intel Pentium Four Minimum 1.8 GHz Processor
RAM Should Be At Least 512 MB 
Hard Drive Space You Can Use 30 GB
Video Card Should Be Direct X 8.0c compatible 64MB 
Sound Card Direct X 8.0

I M Not Alone 2010 Recommended system requirements:
Install Latest Operating System Windows7 OR Windows8
We Recommend Processor Intel Core To Duo 1.86 GHz
RAM We Recommend 1GB
Hard Drive Space Should Be 80 GB
Video Card You May Use Direct X 9.5c compatible 128MB
Sound Card Direct X 9.0
DVD ROM New And Branded 

PC Game I M Not Alone 2010 Full Version Download LINK:
Free Full version I M NOT ALONE 2010 Download


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