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Sunday, 10 February 2013

ScriptCase Full Version Free Download

On : 06:46

ScriptCase Full Version Free Download
ScriptCase is really a handy and performant utility that allows you to connect to your specific data source and produce fast grids, reports, charts, filtration, forms, selections, and additional.
This detailed application gives a large number of components including editable grid, HTML publisher, dynamic themes and others.

The programmer can be connected ScriptCase on the main databases already in the market, such because SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and as well creates software using several databases. Give ScriptCase trying to thoroughly assess the capabilities!
ScriptCase generates CRUD(CreateUpdateDelete) applications within a few clicks, it can be possible to add custom code to handle business principles and exclusive validation workouts.

ScriptCase comes with a dynamic way to show information: detailed, grouped, agregated and a lot of other ways with on auto-pilot calculated fields.

ScritpCase allows a final user to locate, sort and browse information dynamically. You'll be able to create lookup pages to make use of with grids and forms.

ScriptCase on auto-pilot creates charts through your report's groups and totals, a final user could dinamicaly change several chart's characteristics, like variety, colors, sizing...

ScriptCase comes with a visual way to create within a few clicks master/detail kinds and reports using Ajax, deal control and data strength verification tend to be automatically produced.


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