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Friday, 8 February 2013

SEO SpyGlass Full Version SEO Software

On : 07:54

SEO SpyGlass Full Version SEO Software


is an extremely potent competition research tool which is amazingly convenient to use. In three simple measures SEO SpyGlass will disclose exactly how competitors got major positions browsing engines -- in order to learn that they do this, improve onto it, and get a own site prior to them in Google, Aol! and BING!

In record time, SEO SpyGlass can analyze your competitor's Web pages using a multitude of search serps factors. SEO SpyGlass will compile an index of reports that may help you understand why a unique site ranks well to get a specific look for string.

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are ranked #1 in major search engines, while your own site is stuck on page 10 in Google?  mystery out of why your competition are ranking well -- instantly!

SEO SpyGlass will provide you with detailed home elevators every facet of your competition linking:

  • · The entire number regarding backlinks your competitor possesses;
  • · The Google Page rank of both the domain from the backlink plus the backlink web page itself;
  • · The Alexa Rank from the competitor's Web page;
  • · The entire number regarding PageRank 0 to help 10 one way links your opponent has;
  • · The entire number regarding backlinks from the same IP address, allowing you to easily distinguish    site-wide inbound links;
  • · The anchor texts competitors are making use of;
  • · The anchor in addition to title key word density of all Webpages;
  • · The amount of of your competitor's backlinks originate from forums in addition to blogs;
  • · DMOZ in addition to Yahoo! Directory record information for every one of the backlinks;
  • · The link value of any backlink your competitor possesses;
  • · The age of any Website linking returning to your opponent.

In various other words, following SEO SpyGlass does its task, you will have a successful blueprint for your own website's achievements! So stop wasting your time, get the copy regarding SEO SpyGlass right now, and propel your personal site for the top to all the major search engines like yahoo!


  1. Oho.. i've get that after long time. Thanks for share..

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