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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Atomic Bulk Email Sender Full Version Free Download

On : 09:37

Atomic Bulk Email Sender Full Version Free Download

Atomic Bulk Email Sender is really a complete in addition to feature-rich send software you can use to deliver a unlimited volume of e-mail messages.

Atomic Send Sender is effective at sending an exceptionally large number of e-mail messages with a unlimited volume of recipients in a very short time period.

Messages usually are delivered when using the built-in SMTP server in which connects on to the recipient's send service delivering the least possible way for sending messages.

The software can deliver and revise plain text message and HTML messages effortlessly.

Another good feature associated with Atomic Send Sender is usually its capability to read some sort of recipient's e-mail address from various file codecs and specs.

Powerful, built-in concept editor:
Atomic Send Sender features a full-featured concept editor. It helps both text message and HTML formats along with attachments.

Quickly delivery:
Atomic Send Sender has its very own built-in SMTP server. This enables you to bypass the ISP's server in addition to deliver messages on to the recipients' inboxes. In addition, it uses multi-threading, which means it is possible to send send using multiple connections simultaneously. AMS assures 100% use of your modem capabilities when compared with the everyday mail clients that use less then 50%.

Anchored delivery:
Atomic Send Sender provides email without making use of any some other servers. This means the message is just not logged or stored in any servers other than the getting one and is available simply to the receiver.

Managed distribution:
With AMS, it is possible to control your entire mailing course of action. You could stop in addition to resume emailing at any time and never have to reload the particular message and the mailing number. You could configure AMS to help imitate quite a few popular mailers, like Outlook. Also you can personalize messages using macros.

Traced delivery:
Includes the email tracking selection. You are able to see who clears your messages, who states them in addition to who will take some behavior. Make your email promotions work for you!


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