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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dark Age OF Camelot Free Download For PCs

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Dark Age OF Camelot Free Download For PCs
Full Version Game Dark Age OF Camelot Download Free From Here. If You Want To Know About This Game Dark Age OF Camelot So You Can Read Here Complete Dark Age OF Camelot Game Description In Depth. Here You Can Read Dark Age OF Camelot Game's Introduction, Dark Age OF Camelot GamePlay And Dark Age OF Camelot Games Ending Words. Here Also Available Lots OF Dark Age OF Camelot Full Adventure Game Screenshots And Dark Age OF Camelot PC Game Systems Requirements. Just Free Download Dark Age OF Camelot Full PC Strategy Game And Keep Enjoying Best PC Game.

Dark Age of Camelot PC Game Review: Dark Age of Camelot is a 3D Medieval fantasy video Game. It has been released or published on 10th of October,2001. The game was published on the land of North America and in Europe. The game celebrated its Tenth anniversary in the year 2011. The game combines Irish Celtic legends, Norse Mythology, and Arthurian Iore with a dash of high fantasy.The game features the period when the Kingdom of King arthur has split into three parts after the death of King Arthur. All are in a constant state of war with each other. 

Dark Age of Camelot GamePlay: Dark Age of Camelot can be played as Player vs Environment and also as Realm vs Realm combat. Players are able to choose adventure alone or join groups. They can also join battlegroups.Realm vs Realm mode is restricted to the Zone new frontiers includes massive battles to one vs fight. Players will be awarded realm points for each enemy of realm, they killed. Players are allow to buy realm abilities points.The character of the game is controlled either by mouse or keyboard. Quickbars of ten slots are given, each can be easily customized with weapon attack styles, speels, macros. It can be clicked on or selected with the number keys to activate. Dark Age of Camelot offers a player to choose any of the three realms: Midgard, Hibernia and Albion.Albion is based on Arthurian Legend which includes notable real world places and other locations of Britain. Hibernia is based on Celtic which is consist of lush green rolling hills typical of Ireland. Midgard is based on Norse mythology, its Landscape includes pine forests.

Dark Age of Camelot Game Ending: Dark Age of Camelot has sold 51,000 copies of the game within the four days of its release. The game was given "Best Player vs Player Game of the Decade" game by Ten Ton Hammer. 

Dark Age OF Camelot Action PCs Screenshot 2

Dark Age OF Camelot Strategay Game Screenshot 3

Dark Age OF Camelot Adventure Game Screenshot 4

Dark Age OF Camelot PC Game Version System's Requirements:
1.8 GHz Processor Intel
Minimum RAM 512 MB
Hard Disk 30 GB
Graphics Card 256 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c

Dark Age OF Camelot Full Game Recommended System Requirements:
OS Win XP Latest Version
2.0 GHz Processor Intel         
Hard Disk 40 GB
Graphics Card 512 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c
DVD ROM New Branded
Joysticks Controllers
Broadband Internet Connection At Least 1Mbps

Dark Age OF Camelot Free Game Download LINK:

Full Version Dark Age OF Camelot Download PC Game


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