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Friday, 5 April 2013

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Download Full

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Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Download Full

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Game Review: Anno 2070 2011 is a pc game including city-building and real-time strategy gaming elements. Officially released in November 2011 and was developed by Related Designs in collaboration with Ubisoft Blue Byte while published by Ubisoft. 

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Game Story: The year is 2070. Global warming has fused the Arctic ice cap this event has raised the global sea level at such height that what used to be mountains are all that remains of mainland. Anno 2070 has three groups: The Eden Initiative or Ecos, Global Trust also called Tycoons, and the S.A.A.T(Techs). Ecos are environment friendly and develop sustainable cities,but are less efficient and slow in terms of expansion. Tycoons are industrious and expand in less time but have trouble with pollution and resources depletion. The Tech is a group for the support of other two their task is to research the latest and most powerful technology oriented solutions to global problems.

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean GamePlay: The gameplay features "World Events" which are special missions offered only for a specific time enabling all players to stand together and complete the mission objectives. In the first event called Neo Skullz Pirates the players respond to the World Council's call to battle against the pirates who threaten humanity with a nuclear arsenal.The second event named Project Eden demands the players to help the Eden Initiative initiate former technologies which are essential air and water filtration mechanisms, to prevent pollution on islands.In Third event called Global Distrust players must help the Global Trust to repel a global economic crisis by expanding trades and decrease taxes to attract people.The fourth event  termed The Nordamark Conflict wants players to prevent a confrontation between Global Trust and Eden Initiative in Nordamark with diplomats and a nuclear submarine named Orca.In the fifth event The Secret of the Ebashi Trench the players have to assist the Tech group to establish a geothermal power plant. This mission is the prelude of the Deep Ocean expansion. There are also "Current Events" in which a player can complete a particular mission for one of above mentioned groups to gain prizes. Current Events change per day, unlike World Events, which can sustain for months. In Anno 2070 politics is no longer defined by races, nations,countries, boundaries, religions etc, but how we produce energy.All of humanity lives under one global government in through which the three main factions of the game Anno 2070 take the world's decisions. Players can also get achievement and rewards by just playing this game. Players can work on their Ark to fit in their own choice which is for aesthetic also gaining special rewards that affect the overall  game.Resources and technology upgradation can be done on Arks and be utilized in another game in Continuous Mode.

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Rating: Reviews for Anno 2070 2011 have mostly been positive as the game's release, with a lot of critics stating it as an improvement in the Anno series. Anno 2070 was granted 83 out of 100 by Metacritic while both IGN and Gamespot awarded 8.5/10.  

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Adventure War Game Screenshots 2

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Simulation Game Screenshots 3

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean PC Full Game System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP OR Vista
Intel Processor  2.8 GHz
40 GB Hard Disk
RAM 1 GB    
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c
Graphics Card 512 MB Graphics Memory

Anno 2070 Deep Ocean PC Game Recommended System Requirements:
Latest Version Windows 7 OR 8
Processor Intel Core i3
Hard Disk 80 GB 
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c
Graphics Card 1 GB Graphics Memory
Joysticks Controllers
Internet Broadband Connection 2Mbps

Free PC Game Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Download LINK:
Full Download Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Game For PCs


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