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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Comodo Firewall Antivirus Full Version Free Download

On : 09:54

Comodo Firewall Antivirus Full Version Free Download

Comodo Firewall Antivirus can be a strong safety measures software which scans your laptop and gets rid of any spyware, viruses or even spyware that have infiltrated in your system.

While in installation, COMODO Antivirus offers to alter your DNS servers to the COMODO SecureDNS server.
Comodo Firewall Antivirus Full Version Free Download

The user interface is easy to follow. In the 1st section you will see the present status with the antivirus updates and that of the immune system.

The antivirus system enables you to run a new scan with the entire get, in critical areas on it's own or according to your inclinations. Other alternatives include scanning only for spyware or even scheduling everyday or once a week scans.

A record file enables you to view almost all antivirus situations and notifications, while your scanner settings enable you adjust the amount of real-time deciphering (on gain access to, disabled).

Defense+ can be a section involving COMODO Antivirus where one can add or even remove files to or from a local safe executable files database, run a program inside Sandbox, view an index of unrecognized files which might be automatically located inside Sandbox until finally further notice, set various rules (e. gary the gadget guy. predefined plans, blocked files) as well as configuration alternatives (e. gary the gadget guy. security levels, execution command level, Sandbox safety measures level).

In addition, you may manage your antivirus configuration settings, allow the software identify an unsolvable dilemma or handle an endpoint.
Comodo Firewall Antivirus Full Version Free Download

A total scan on my pc takes quite a long time and energy to finish, but COMODO Antivirus copes with to discover and quarantine a great deal of malicious providers, while using hardly any system memory space (although various other processes work slower).

In general, COMODO Antivirus features some highly effective features with regard to protecting your laptop. The configuration may be a bit complicated for a lesser amount of experienced end users, but running the program with your default options needs to be quite OK also.


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