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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Wise Folder Hider Full Version Free Download

On : 04:53

Wise Folder Hider Full Version Free Download

Wise Folder Hider could also hide overall USB files and folder. By doing so, the information becomes unavailable by some other programs or even other OS's, such because DOS.
Wise Folder Hider Full Version Free DownloadAlternatives folders and files, sizzling hot to unhide the products is in order to enter the particular valid pass word.

Sometimes, if additional people have your pc, it could be best if you hide a number of your documents and folders in order to protect your current privacy. Wise Folder Hider is often a program that will help you do exactly that.

Wise Folder Hider has an simple interface that is extremely easy to figure out even by first-time users.

You can files and folders with two methods: by surfing around the disk for them or with the “drag and drop” process. Wise Folder Hider can hide any sort of files, if they are simple documents, press formats or executable documents.

The directory hidden products is displayed directly into the app’s shape, which can be divided straight into multiple copy: Name, Locking mechanism, Status and Operation.

If you lock one of the items you must set some sort of password. This keyword kind requires an individual input the particular password 2 times for proof. If accomplishing this is productive, then that should appear locked.
Wise Folder Hider Full Version Free Download

All in all, Wise Folder Hider is often a very practical tool that’s easy to utilize, thanks for the overall convenience of its interface.


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