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Monday, 6 May 2013

Download Free Global Operations Full Game

On : 09:38

Download Free Global Operations Full Game

Global Operations Game Review: Electronic Arts has been released great games including C&C Red Alert 2, Black & White, & many more. The opportunity to pick the player you want to play with, makes this game different from other games. Each player has his own specialty the Medic with the ability to cure people, the Recon with the ability of locating enemy on his radar, the Sniper with the ability of shooting far & accurately, the Commando with the ability of carrying many weapons, the Heavy Gunner which has the ability of controlling heavy guns to end with the original Intelligence officer, the Demoman with the ability of defusing & charging large explosives.

Global Operations Game's Graphics: While Global Operations is very realistic in many ways, the graphics appear cartoonish. The guns & equipment seem to be so real. Though, the houses, trees, soldiers, sand, do not give the impression of being so real. But the Global Operations has the great single and multiplayer game to compensate for it; you will not have enough time to matter if the graphics aren't the best.

Global Operations Game's Sounds: Global Operations sound & music are great. Both are very realistic & make the gameplay much better. Everything including walking, running, reloading, talking, shooting, etc makes the sound realistic. The sound really affects the gameplay. The game's sound system is an impressive effort & each single weapon has its own different sound.

Global Operations GamePlay: The player has to choose a character out of 6, named as Medic, Sniper, Recon, Commando, Heavy gunner & demo man. Each one has his own specialties. The game is very realistic, everything in Global Operations is life-like including equipment, guns, & even the missions. Some of the equipment included in the game are night vision, flash grenades, thermal vision, grenades, scopes & much more. 

Global Operations Shooting PC Game Screenshot 2

Global Operations PC War Game Screenshot 3

Global Operations Adventure Full Game Screenshot 4

Global Operations Full PC Game Systems Requirements:
Windows XP OR Vista
1.86 GHz Intel Processor 
30 GB Hard Disk
Graphics Card 256 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c 

Global Operations Full Game Recommended Systems Requirements:
Windows Latest Version XP OR Vista
2.8 GHz Processor Intel
40 GB Hard Disk
Graphics Card 512 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c
Joysticks Controllers
DVD ROM New Branded
Internet Broadband Connection 1Mbps

Free Full Game Global Operations Download LINK:
Download Full Version Global Operations PC Game


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