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Saturday, 15 June 2013

FIM Speedway Grand Prix 4 Free Download

On : 08:45

FIM Speedway Grand Prix 4 Free Download

FIM Speedway Grand Prix 4 Game Review: The game is consist of you taking your bike around a small course, although there are a series of very similar courses to explore, going round & round until the race ends. There are the usual option by which player can tweak his bike so he can have a better chance of going that tad bit faster. The game has been released with such a limited amount of gameplay, Excalibur attempted to spice up the things with both a multiplayer game & an online version. In each, player can choose from a list of venues & of presumably famous speedway riders. This could all be a bit of fun except for some issues which you will have to face in the game. The 1st has to be the really poor controls. laid out poorly. Well, it can be changed but what cannot be changed is the general unresponsiveness of the controls which has compared to a modern car racing game. This not helped when you discover that the programmers have for the most part, and failed to put any spectators in the game, even though you hear the crowd roar, they are generally conspicuous by absence. If you are a real speedway fan, you may get a lot of fun out of this really but the learning curve is too steep for the casual gamer, the controls are unresponsive & the general presentation only just above average. The menus makes you bore & as let you get basic as you can, while all the tracks have identical looks, even with their various Backdrops. There is just no way to make a series of dirt oval appealing to the player's eyes. The bikers' animations are stiff & the bikes are not very highly detailed. Nothing about the game looks good, & there is no real reason why a game released in 2011 should look like this. There are a variety of different game modes in the game. The tutorial is a free race mode, where you will have no opponents, nothing cannot disqualify you & no time limit. It has no tutorial messages at all. You then get Single Race, Grand Prix, Match, Multiplayer modes. These just progress like any other racing game, no matter which named racer you pick & track you race on, you will not really notice much differences between each separate race.

FIM Speedway Grand Prix 4 Screenshots

System Requirements:

Windows XP OR Vista
2.6 GHz Processor Intel  
RAM 1 GB  
Hard Disk 40 GB
Graphics Card 512 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c 

Recommended System Requirements:

Windows 7/8 Latest Version 
Dual Core 1.86 GHz Processor Intel
Hard Disk 80 GB 
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c
Graphics Card 1 GB Graphics Memory
Joysticks Controllers
Broadband Internet Connection 2Mbps

FIM Speedway Grand Prix 4  Download Free


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