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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hitman Sniper Challenge Free Download

On : 07:34

Hitman Sniper Challenge Free Download

Hitman Sniper Challenge Game Review: Hitman Absolution is an action based adventure and stealth game by famous game developer IO Interactive and launched by Square Enix. It is the fifth in line in the Hitman game series and works on IO Interactive owned Glacier 2 game engine. Pre release the developers said that this would be easier to play and more interactive, while still keeping alive the hardcore aspects of the franchise.The game was released in November 2012 that is the 47th week of the year in reference to Agent 47.

Hitman Sniper Challenge Game Story: The catastrophe which followed Hitman Blood Money was that Diana Burnwood who was Agent 47's handler with the International Agency suddenly becomes rogue, carrying out a sabotage mission that is to publicly expose the Agency. The Agency is headed by agent Benjamin Travis orders a hit on Diana assigning 47 to make the kill and bring Victoria, a teenage girl whose with Diana to the Agency. Shooting and wounding Diana in her residence 47 hesitates to kill her so she begs to keep Victoria from The Agency. Victoria is hidden at an orphanage by 47,he then contacts an informant called Birdie who tells him of one Blake Dexter, head of Dexter Industries, who may have more info about Victoria. Spying on Dexter 47 finds that he wishes to abduct her and then auction her to the highest bidder. Victoria is kidnapped from the Catholic orphanage by Lenny who's Dexter's son while 47 is chased by the police in a false murder case. 47 evades capture from the law enforcement authorities then launches a war to recover Victoria.  Play Hitman Absolution to find what happens next. 

Hitman Sniper Challenge GamePlay: The game takes place in USA and has an online option. With the the game has an "instinct mode" which enables 47 to forsee enemy patrol routes, a lot like sonar vision that was protrayed in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction,the "eagle vision" featured in Assassin's Creed, Crysis 2's "tracker mode" ,Batman: Arkham Asylum game's "Detective mode". The game has also been improved from all angles to provide a more console-like third person shooter feel along with the classical stealth moves the series is known for. 

Hitman Sniper Challenge Game Ratings: Hitman Absolution received mostly good reviews with most criticizing the change in gameplay from previous titles. The game review website Gamespot awarded 7.5 out of 10,Edge a 7 out of 10,Game Informer 8.75/10 and Eurogamer a 7 out of 10.
Hitman Sniper Challenge Screenshots
Hitman Sniper Challenge Game

Hitman Sniper Challenge Game

Hitman Sniper Challenge Game

Hitman Sniper Challenge System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP OR Vista
2.0 GHz Processor Intel
RAM 1 GB   
40 GB Hard Disk
Graphics Card 512 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c

Hitman Sniper Challenge Recommended System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7 OR 8
Processor Intel Dual  core 1.86  GHz
Hard Disk 80 GB
Graphics Card 1 GB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c
Joysticks Controllers
2Mbps Internet Broadband Connection

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