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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Downloaded Free

On : 06:27

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Downloaded Free
Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Action PC Game

PC Game Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Game ReviewOperation Flashpoint Dragon Rising is a hardcore war simulation game by Code masters. Dragon Rising is sequel to Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis. This tactical shooter game is about a fictional island named Skira. Skira is an oil rich island which is shown as a part of Russia.Now due to massive economic crisis the PLA (People's Liberation Army) of China is able to take control of Skira inflicting heavy losses to the Russians. Russia calls USA for help and it intervenes in this situation. Thus a dangerous war begins between the major world powers. The allied commando teams are the main part of the game play here. These teams may ambush an enemy convoy, liberate an entire village or control latest weapon systems. The game is hard and very challenging as a single bullet is enough to kill. The players cannot run around without covering their backs so the player have to proceed cautiously.Download war games and other military games from here. Also the game trailers will soon be uploaded.  

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising PC Game Screenshots
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising PC Game

Minimum System Requirements:
Install Latest  XP/Vista,1.8 At Least GHz Processor
RAM Minimum 512 MB 
HDrive Space Should Be 30GB
Video Card Should Be Direct X 9.0c compatible 128 MB 
SoundCard Direct X 9.0

Recommended System Requirements:
We Recommend To Install Latest Version Windows7 OR XP/Vista
And We Also Recommend processor 3.0GHz Intel
RAM We Recommend 1 GB 
HDrive Space 80GB Its Good For Your PC
Video Card Direct X 9.0c compatible 256MB 
Sound Card Direct X 9.0
DVD ROM New And Must Be Branded
Joystick Controllers New And Smoothy
Internet Broadband Connection Will Connect You To Others

Free Download PC Game


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