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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Planetary Annihilation Free

On : 06:22

Planetary Annihilation Free

Planetary Annihilation Game Review: Planetary Annihilation is an upcoming real-time strategy computer game, being developed by Uber Entertainment. Planetary Annihilation is developing by much of the team responsible for Total Annihilation & Supreme Commander.

Planetary Annihilation Gameplay: In interviews with PC Gamer & Joystiq, lead game developer Jon Mavor has commented that the Planetary Annihilation's complexity & playtime can vary, from half an hour, two player battles to lengthy, forty-player matches. The game is planned to feature a planet based map system, including the multiple star systems, the different types of planets & asteroids. The players will be able to conquer other planets & even entire systems on maps said to include 100s of worlds. These planets are planned to be dynamic in that they can be annihilated using asteroids, major focus for Uber Entertainment. Planetary Annihilation's creators have also stated that Planetary Annihilation will resemble something of the 1997 RTS Total Annihilation as its focus is towards Macro gameplay as opposed to Micro gameplay. In the development updates, Mavor has commented that a million in game units is a design goal of the development team. It is hinted that Planetary Annihilation will feature a commander focused system, in this feature, the player loses when their commander dies. 

Planetary Annihilation History: Jon Mavor has written the graphics engine for Total Annihilation. Jon Mavor was also the lead programmer on Supreme Commander. Planetary Annihilation's art style is done by Steve Thompson, who has previously worked on the art for Total Annihilation & Supreme Commander. The voice actor John Patrick Lowrie, did all the narrations for Total Annihilation, and now he is doing the narrations for the game Planetary Annihilation as well. According to Jon Mavor, while game visualization began in the month of May 2012, just 3 months prior to the game's public announcement, Planetary Annihilation concept itself had been in development for approximately 3 years by that time. Additionally, the server & game engine technologies that would underpin the game had been in development for several years prior to the Planetary Annihilation's public reveal, with certain server technology having already made its way into UberNet, the Uber Entertainment's back end server network.

Strategy Game Planetary Annihilation  Screenshots

System Requirements
Operating System XP OR Vista Windows 
Processor Intel 2.87 GHz
Hard Disk 40 GB
Graphics Card 512 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c

Recommended System Requirements:
Operating System 7/8 Latest Version Windows  
Processor Dual Core 2.1 GHz Intel
Hard Disk 80 GB
Graphics Card 1 GB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c
Joysticks Controllers
2Mbps Internet Broadband Connection 

Download  Full Version Planetary Annihilation


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