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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Strike Suit Zero Full Version

On : 13:07

Strike Suit Zero Full Version

Strike Suit Zero Game Review: Strike Suit Zero is a space flight Combat game. It has been developed by the  Born Ready Games studio . It seeks to revive the space combat genre by introducing "Strike" mode as a new element to the dogfight based gameplay of classic space combat games. Strike Suit Zero has taken its inspiration from numerous different franchises. The game is a story-driven single player video game where the player adopt the role of a fighter pilot for the United Nations of Earth, abbreviated as U.N.E, in a massive war against the combined force of the space colonies. The game is designed that the battles don't revolve entirely around the player. A perfect battle simulation between enemy forces & allied will be going on in the background while the player performs certain objectives, giving the impression that the role of player is only one small part of a much larger conflict. The game's soundtrack is developed by Paul Ruskay, who is the composer of the original Homeworld soundtrack. Junji Okubo has designed the ships, he is known for designing mecha & ships for the game Infinite space. Strike Suit Zero is being developed on a proprietary engine for Microsoft Windows based operating systems, but console versions were planned for Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 some time after the initial release on PC scheduled for 23rd of January, 2013. The game reached its funding goal of $100,000 on Kickstarter on 2nd of November, 2012.

Strike Suit Zero GamePlay: Strike Suit Zero is a sequential mission based game. The game aims to resurrect arcade style space shooters from the 1990s decade such as Freespace 2. However, the game adds more tactical considerations to the recipe than traditional space shooters, energy based weapons are dependent on a limited supply of energy, missile & gun ammunition are limited, and successful mastery of the strike suit is required an effective juggling between strike mode and fighter mode. Strike Suit Zero features a 3rd person view and 1st person cockpit view.  The game supports HOTAS joysticks & Oculus Rift. The game have 4 types of craft available to the player, including an interceptor, fighters, bombers & the Strike Suit itself. A wide variety of weapon have been offered to the player, while new upgrades & weapons are unlocked as the game progresses. Players are able to customize their ships with different weapons & upgrades. These weapons include machine guns, plasma cannons, unguided rockets, lasers, and various types of missiles.

Strike Suit Zero War Screenshots

Systems requirements:
Windows XP OR Vista
Processor Intel 2.87 GHz
Hard Disk 40 GB
Graphics Card 512 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c

Recommended Systems requirements:
Windows Operating System 7/8 Latest Version 
Processor Intel Core i3
Hard Disk 80 GB 
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c
Graphics Card 1 GB Graphics Memory
Joysticks Controllers
Broadband Internet Connection 2Mbps 

Strike Suit Zero PC Game


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