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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Death Road Full Download

On : 05:59

Death Road Full Download

Death Road Car PC Game Review: Death Road is an excellent and dynamic plus strongly addictive car racing game which is set in distant future. Gamers compete, using futuristic cars on specially designed race courses, armed with a wide arsenal of useful weapons ranging from standard laser guns to rocket launchers. There are not only prepared an entire one-player campaign but also a number of various modes for the players to enjoy. The game contains single player campaign, six quick race gaming types and will allow the player to race with friends in multiplayer gaming mode. Throughout the game the gamers will be awarded with special game points for bold feats. All in all, Death Road is a totally perfect game for all those out there who enjoy playing dynamic, spectacular and immensely satisfying games. This game can be termed as an arcade racer with shooting capabilities. It is here to get pure fun from racing and fighting without the fuss of a complex storyline.

Death Road ScreenShots

Death Road System's Requirements:
OS-Windows XP/Vista
2.4 GHz Intel Processor

40 GB Hard Disk
Direct X Version 9.0c
Graphics Card 512 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card You May Use Direct X 9 Compatible 

Death Road Recommended System Requirements:
OS-Windows 7/8 
Intel 3.00 GHz Processor           
Hard Disk 80 GB
Graphics Card 1 GB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c
Joysticks Controllers 2Mbps Broadband Internet Connection 

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