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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Doom 3 Full Download

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Doom 3 Full Download

Doom 3 PC Game Review: Doom 3 is a FPS sci-fi game made by id Software and launched by Activision. Doom 3 was initially launched for Microsoft Windows in August ,2004. This horror game was then made for Linux OS, also ported for Mac OS X by Aspyr Media. Vicarious Visions games developer ported the game for the Xbox gaming console. Games developers from Britain, Splash Damage took part in designing multiplayer elements of this game.Doom three is a story-driven action game played from an FPS angle. Just like the preceding Doom games, the primary aim is to skillfully navigate through its levels, killing a variety of enemy characters determined to execute the protagonist. Doom three's more plot focused approach means that the gamer often meets friendly non-playable characters, who

provides key hints,objectives with the addition of inventory items. The game features 10 high-tech weapons for the gamers to fight for their life, including classic firearms and explosives such as grenades, SMGs, shotguns and advanced experimental plasma weapons and all time favorite BFG-9000 gun and the chainsaw deadly weapons which are the classics of the Doom franchise. Doom 3 game begins in the year 2145. Most of the game's plot and dialogue was made by Matthew J.Costello (the author). The game's backstory goes something like this that the Union Aerospace Corporation (U.A.C) has established itself to become the largest corporate giant and has set up a research base on planet Mars. At this facility, the aerospace giant is able to carry out research in several scientific areas like future weapons development, bio research, Space Exploration and most amazing Teleportation. Due to the facility's location on planet Mars, this company can conduct its operations beyond any kind of moral or legal boundaries. When the gamers progresses through the gameplay, they discover that the employees on this Martian base are disturbed due to various incidents such as unexplained sightings,hearing voices and increasing problems of paranoia and insanity usually leading to deadly accidents with the base's machinery. Rumors about the nature of experiments in the Delta Labs division of this company are common in base's employees.Doom three was a total commercial success for id Software that is that by the start of year 2007, over three and a half million copies of Doom three had been sold, converting it into the most successful project launched by id Software . Engine for Doom 3 game is called id Tech 4. 

Doom 3 Screenshots

Doom 3 System Requirements
Windows XP OR Vista
Processor 2 GHz
Hard Disk 40
Graphics Card 512 GB Graphics Memory

Doom 3 Recommended System Requirements
Windows 7 OR Vista
Processor 2.8 GHz
Hard Disk 80 SeaGate
Graphics Card 1 GB Graphics Memory
Sound Card
Video Card
Internet Connection Broadband 2Mbps 

Doom 3 Free Download


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