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Friday, 9 August 2013

Iron Sky Invasion Download Free

On : 05:28

Iron Sky Invasion Download Free
Iron Sky Invasion Game For PCs

Adventure PC Game Iron Sky Invasion Game Review: Iron Sky Invasion is a space game by RealityPump and Topware Interactive. The plot of this space simulation game is based on a sci-fi Finnish film. The story goes something like this that we thought that Nazis were finished in WWII,but it is revealed that they were able to escape from this planet to Moon and established anstrong hold over there. One day the Moon Nazis decide to attack Earth. The Earthlings are shocked to find Nazis from outer space attacking them. Thus all the nations of the world unite against the Moon Nazis. The players can control various space ships and hi-tech space weapons like laser canons and attack drones.The most amazing scene is to see Zeppelins gliding in space. The main objective is to destroy the Nazi base on the Moon which is heavily guarded. Space dogfights are also an exciting part of this sci-fi games. Download Sci-fi games and space games from our website.Also various game trailers may soon be available.

Iron Sky Invasion Screenshots

Iron Sky Invasion Adventure Game

System Requirements:
Install Windows XP OR Vista
2.0GHz processor Intel
RAM Use 1 GB 
Hard Drive Space 40GB
Video Card Direct X 9.0c compatible 256MB 
Sound Card Direct X 9.0

Recommended System Requirements:
3.5 GHz Intel processor
Hard Drive Space 80GB
Video Card Direct X 9.0c compatible 512MB
Graphics Card 1GB 
Sound Card Direct X 9.0
Joystick Controllerss
Internet Broadband Connection 2Mbps

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