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Friday, 9 August 2013

Operation Thunderstorm 2009 Download for PC

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Operation Thunderstorm 2009 Download for PC

War PC Game Operation Thunderstorm 2009 Review: Varth Operation Thunderstorm (simply called "Varth") is a game of vertical scrolling shooter genre developed as well as released by Capcom in 1992. The game did not witness a console port post its initial release but a decade plus four years later Digital Eclipse Software would port the game onto the Play Station Portable handheld gaming console and later onto the heavy weights that is PS2 and Xbox.Varth Operation Thunderstorm follows the story of a calamity that hits a human colony on a planet by the name of Varth. The entire colony is dependent on a 7th generation supercomputer which manipulates the operations of all machinery in Varth. A challenge to the residents of Varth, Delta-7 has been possessed by "Duo", which is described as an evil spirit but in reality is a temporal spatial consciousness which out of nowhere arose within the supercomputer systems. Duo belives human existence as inimical to the planet and has therefore turned the Varth's defenses against its own inhabitants. A vast populace of the planet is laid waste in the resulting catastrophe and this is only the beginning of Duo's vendetta against humanity. The colonists' dependency on the super computer has caused them to loose the capability of self sufficiency and thus have no line of defense. The only hope for the colony have is in the pilots of 2 warplanes equipped with older 4th generation computer systems which can not be controlled by Duo as their configuration are manual rather than automated. Varth Operation Thunderstorm gameplay takes on pretty heavily from 1942 and other titles in the 194X series. The idea is to destroy units dispatched by the enemy while avoid getting hit and reach the end of the stage usually ending with a boss fight. A single hit from an enemy will cause the player to lose a whole aircraft and at a lengthy thirty levels Varth makes for quite a tough challenge. The biggest dissimilarity between Varth and other games in this particular genre of its era is the availability of items called "Pods". When a player takes up a pod item.......Download Varth Operation Thunderstorm 1992 to find out more.

Operation Thunderstorm 2009 Screenshots
Operation Thunderstorm (2009) Game

Operation Thunderstorm 2009 System Requirements:
Windows XP OR Vista
Intel Processor 2.7 GHz
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c
40 GB Hard Disk
RAM 1 GB   
Graphics Card 512 MB Graphics Memory

Operation Thunderstorm 2009 Recommended System Requirements:
Windows 7 OR 8
Intel Processor Dual  core 1.86 GHz
Hard Disk 80 GB
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c
Graphics Card 1 GB Graphics Memory
Joysticks Controllers
Internet Broadband Connection 2Mbps

Operation Thunderstorm 2009 Free Download


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