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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Viking Battle For Asgard Full Download

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Viking Battle For Asgard Full Download

 Viking Battle For Asgard Game Review: Viking Battle for Asgard 2012 is an action plus adventure game created by The Creative Assembly and launched by Sega Games. This game was announced in  August, 2007 by SEGA Europe while it was released in USA & Europe in March, next year . The game's theme is Norse mythology, where the war among the gods has started an extended conflict in the mortal world of Midgard, where Freya's champion named Skarin must commandeer Viking forces against the forces of Goddess Hel. A fierce battle is taking place within Asgard, the dwelling of the Norse Gods. The battle has expanded, spilling over to the mortal place of Midgard and now a Champion should be found, a leader who can stop this war, which may darken the fate of city of Asgard and the gods within its walls. The Goddess Hel is the daughter of Norse god of mischief named Loki, she has been exiled from the heavenly kingdom of Asgard because of disobeying Odin’s rule. Angry at this humiliation, she decides to free the ancient wolf-god Fenrir, whom according to legend will bring about Ragnarok an apocalyptic battle that will completely devastate Asgard and the gods. Hel with her force of resurrected Viking warriors, reach at the gates of Midgard to start this conflict. The game portrays an open-world environment, with 3 islands in the realm of Midgard, which the gamer can explore at will. The gamer can look for his fellow Viking warriors and rescue them, while in return they can be recruited for battles. After the last Sega or Creative game of this style (like the Spartan: Total Warrior) several amendments have been carried our. Quick time levels being 1, with them being used to defeat powerful enemies in this game, from taking down giants to getting rid of an assassin's tail. The method with which you fight is also unique, where we face each enemy separately rather than in teams, now we cannot carry out a sweeping attack to clear a large number of enemies from our path, we may only hit them one at a time, obviously now getting surrounded by blood-thirsty enemies is a much more greater danger than ever before. The RPG feature suggests that the players must buy combos and unique attacks as they progress through Viking Battle for Asgard 2008. Viking Asgard has got reception ranging from positive to mix, Game Rankings gave it an average score of 70 percent. While many critical sources liked overall concept, the epic battles and the brutality of the combat. The negative reviewers criticized the some common glitches present here.

Viking Battle For Asgard Screenshots
Viking Battle For Asgard Game For PCs

Viking Battle For Asgard Game

Viking Battle For Asgard System Requirements:
Processor Intel 2.8 GHz
Hard Disk Space 50 GB
Graphics Card 256 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible

Recommended Viking Battle For Asgard System Requirements
Windows 7 OR 8
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz
Hard Disk 80 GB
Graphics Card 512 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Joysticks Controllers
Internet Connection Broadband 2Mbps 
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