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Friday, 9 August 2013

Wanted Weapons OF Fate 2009 Free Download

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Wanted Weapons OF Fate 2009 Free Download
PC Game Wanted Weapons Of Fate 2009

Wanted Weapons OF Fate 2009 Review: Wanted Weapons of Fate is a PC and PS3 as well as Xbox360 game developed by GRIN while published by Universal Studios with distribution by Warner Bros. Interactive related to the film by the same name. It was launched for Windows,Xbox 360 and Xbox360. Beginning about 5 hours after the events of the movie, Wesley Gibson carry on his transformation into a deadly assassin and heir to a legacy of a covert fraternity of secret assassins. He moves in his quest with a latest mission to find the French chapter of the Fraternity, find the Immortal and eventually uncover the truth about his family. Game-play is a conventional third person cover shooter with the capability to deploy adrenaline to slow down the pace and curving bullets. Some levels feature QTE sequences with on rail shooter properties. The player takes control of one called Wesley while in flashback sequences the player assume the role of Cross who is Wesley's father. His father's curve name is Shrapnel (an explosive piece of bullet). The player also can control other characters that are unlocked by defeating enemy bosses like Brummel, the SWAT leader, The Original Spider and the Russian.Wanted Weapons of Fate 2009 action game obtained mixed as well as positive reviews from critics. IGN gave the game a rating of 7.3 out of10. GameSpot granting it a 6/10 and Game-trailers gently awarding the game 7.3 out of 10. The negative reviews were from X-Play on G4 throwing at it a rating of 2/5. Xbox Magazine gave this game 7.5/10 declaring it as an adrenaline rush and liked curving the bullets though the game was easy.Wanted Weapons of Fate 2009 at present holds 63/100 at the ratings aggregation site, Meta-critic. Hyper's Yuri Space-face comments the game for not "simply ape the action of the comic while the assassination skills are done smoothly". On the other hand he criticized it for being loud & flashy, but ultimately pretty shallow. Entertainment Weekly bestowed a B grade upon the game commenting that it witnessed the same thrill  and expectations as the movie.

Wanted Weapons OF Fate 2009 Screenshots

System Requirements:
Install Microsoft Windows XP OR Vista
 Processor Should Be Dual core 2.3 GHz Intel
Hard Disk 40 GB
Video Direct X 9.0c Compatible card
16-bit Sound Card

Recommended System Requirements:
Dual core 3.5 GHz Intel Processor
Hard Disk 80 GB
Video Direct X 9.0c Compatible card
Direct X 9 sound card

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