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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Avast Internet Security Full Version and Serial Key Crack

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Avast Internet Security Full Version and Serial Key Crack
Avast! Internet Security v7.0.1474.765 registered with serial key free download

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* Feel better with our best protection
avast! Internet Security provides complete antivirus, anti-spyware,  antispam, and firewall protection, complemented by avast! SafeZone and  new hybrid cloud technologies, for best protection against viruses,  spyware, and other types of malware in 2012.

* Shop and bank online without worry
SafeZone creates a private and isolated virtual window on your desktop  for safely making your sensitive financial transactions when shopping or  banking online.

* Surf and socialize without annoyance
Sandbox lets you surf the web and run programs virtually (outside your  PC), and Web, IM, and P2P shields ensure your safety on social networks  (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), IM chats (Skype, ICQ, etc.), or file-sharing  sites.

* Benefit from real-time protection
Hybrid cloud technology streams your virus database updates to your PC  in real-time, so your avast! software has all virus definitions as soon  as they are known to our Virus Lab.

* Keep your ID yours and yours alone
Your built-in silent firewall blocks hackers and other unauthorized  entry attempts to steal sensitive personal data from your PC. Phishing  attacks are prevented via built-in anti-spam.

* See your avast! history
Your AVAST Account portal is your personal directory for all your avast!  related data. Each month, we also prepare for you a Security Report  that shows an overview of the most significant details (e.g. number of  infected sites blocked).

This feature creates the space isolated from all tools running on your  computer, so no keylogger or spyware can get in. So, if you do your  e-banking, online shopping, or any other sensitive transactions inside  this space, nobody and nothing can see or track your activity. The  avast! SafeZone keeps every danger out.

How to use it?
- Right-click the orange avast! Icon in your system tray and select Switch to Safezone
- Double-click the orange avast! icon in your system tray Select  "Additional Protection" and then SafeZone, and click "Switch to  SafeZone"

2. avast! Sandbox: Virtualization, for maximum safety
Especially useful when visiting high-risk web sites or using suspicious  applications, whether accidentally or deliberately. Attacks targeted at  your machine thus fade away.

The avast! Sandbox enables you to create a protected virtual environment  within your physical machine. If the web browser or an app is contained  within the avast! Sandbox, no damage can cross the line and harm your  computer. The avast! Sandbox keeps every danger locked in the virtual  space.

How to use it?
- Right-click the browser or an application you want to use
- Choose Open in Sandbox in the menu

avast! Firewall uses heuristic and behavioral analysis and a white list  of safe applications to filter suspicious activity. Automatically! The  only thing you need to do is to select if you are at home, at work, or  in public on the initial prompt. Or if you are a Geek, you can  completely change the expert settings however you like. Go ahead!

How to use it?
- Double-click the orange avast! Icon in your system tray
- Select Firewall and then the level of the protection

The avast! Antispam module analyzes every incoming email on various  criteria to determine whether it is legitimate. This analysis is based  partly on a 'Blacklist' and 'Whitelist' containing the addresses of  senders from whom emails should always be marked as spam, and of known  and trusted senders. The filter works as a plug-in to Microsoft Outlook  and a generic POP3/IMAP4 proxy for other email clients.

How to use it?
- Keep default settings as-is, unless you are an expert

System Requirements
To run avast! Internet Security, your PC must meet the following criteria:
- Operating Systems Supported
Windows 7 (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Vista (any Edition  excl. Starter Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit), Windows XP Service Pack 2 or  higher (any Edition, 32-bit or 64-bit)
- Minimum Hardware Requirements
Pentium 3 Processor, 256 MB RAM, 380 MB of free hard disk space
- Note
Please note that avast! Internet Security runs only on PCs with Windows  XP and newer. Older Windows operating systems (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000)  are not supported.
 For best results, remove any other antivirus software from your PC before installing avast!

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