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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Full Version Antichamber 2013

On : 05:17

Full Version Antichamber 2013

Antichamber 2013 PC Game Review: Antichamber (also called as Hazard The Journey of Life) is an FPS plus puzzle and platform game created by Alexander Bruce. The game was launched for Microsoft on Stream in the beginning of this year.

Antichamber 2013 GamePlay: In Antichamber 2013, the gamer navigates the unnamed in-game character from a 1st-person view as we progress through non Euclidean stages. About the notions of Euclidean space, Bruce has said that the breaking down of all expectations and then the reconstructing them is the true core of this game. We start in an antechamber that consist of 4 walls. One of the walls provides a menu to customize the various options within the game and also a countdown timer beginning at 90 minutes. Another wall gives access to a map of the game's environment that fills in as the player progresses visiting specific rooms, pointing out passages the gamer has yet to visit, and enables the gamer, upon return to this map-room, to go to any room they have explored previously. A 3rd wall displays various cartoonish iconographs and obfuscated hint writings that are included as the gamer finds these on walls of the puzzle space provided. The last wall is actually window, showing the ultimate object, the exit from this place, which the player must find out how to get to. Puzzle elements in different chambers includes maneuvering themselves around the spaces, where stage elements vary after crossing certain points, or even based on the direction the gamer is facing when crossing the level. Laser beams have been employed as mechanisms to control various doors of the rooms; these may require the beams to get unblocked or blocked, and some doors may require multiple laser beams to be in a proper sequence to open. At the start the player can trigger these by themselves. But later-on, the gamers themselves gain access to a number of colored guns, each of which can help them to get access to more of the space. These colored guns can collect any number of small cubes and store them, and when needed place them on surfaces so these can be utilized for blocking the laser beams, or converted into platforms for the gamers to cross the obstacles in their path. Other colored guns can be used for producing blocks from scratch by placing some blocks out in particular patterns, to direct a joined series of blocks towards an objective point, and to mass produce and fill an entire area with blocks, after this the guns retain the abilities they possessed. Certain regions in the space are (dead zones) that remove any blocks stored within a colored gun or stop blocks from moving through them(the dead zones). Before puzzles are signs with the cartoon iconographs which can be initiated to give a hint on the puzzle to come. At any instant, the gamer can jump back to the initial room, and use the map as mentioned before to navigate to other points, but this step resets any progress made by the player on certain puzzles though the player retains the colored guns they have received. After the completion of the required set of puzzles, the gamer can then access the exit door, upon which they begin to chase down a black cloudy shape, applying all the puzzle-solving techniques they have learned previously. Finally they are able to gather and store the cloud as a black cube inside their gun, and access a final, more spacious region, where they transfer the shape to a waiting shell. This shell developers a structure around it resembling the game's logo and then sucks everything around it into its central area, turning the screen to black and ending this strange game.

Antichamber 2013 Ratings:
Antichamber 2013 game was well received by critics before its commercial release. The game was the showcased at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show Sense of Wonder Night. It was a finalist in the 2009 Independent Games Festival held at China. indiePub Games's 3rd Independent Game Developers' Competition ending with Antichamber winning the prize for Technical Excellence. Antichamber 2013 also ended up as a finalist in GameStop's 2011 Indie Game Challenge.

Antichamber 2013 PC Game Screenshots 2

Antichamber 2013 Full Game Screenshots 3

PC Full Game Antichamber 2013 System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista
2.6 GHz Intel Processor 
1 GB RAM    
Graphics Card 512 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
40 GB Hard Disk
Direct X Version 9.0c

Full Version Antichamber 2013 Game Recommended System Requirements:
Latest Version Windows7/8
Core i3 Intel Processor
80 GB Hard Disk
Graphics Card 1 GB Graphics Memory
Sound Card Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X Version 9.0c
Joysticks Controllers
DVD ROM New Branded
Internet Connection Broadband 4Mbps

PC Version Antichamber 2013 Game Download LINK:
Download Antichamber 2013 PC Game Full Version


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