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Saturday, 30 March 2013

MedCalc MdCalc Full Version Free Download

On : 09:15

MedCalc MdCalc Full Version Free Download

MedCalc is a useful in addition to stand-alone pc application with regard to statistics in the biomedical sciences. It comes with a integrated spreadsheet and this can be configured to help contain nearly 100000 series. The method correctly manages missing data and supplies reliable time arithmetic.

MedCalc may import Exceed, SPSS, DBase in addition to Lotus records, and records in SYLK, DIF or even text format. Comprehensive on the web help is available and, plus a manual throughout PDF format, a complete user manual is available on-line.

The method calculates the area under this curve (AUC) featuring a standard mistake and 95% self-confidence interval. Furthermore, threshold values can be selected in an interactive dot diagram with automatic working out of similar sensitivity in addition to specificity.

Comparison involving ROC figure includes calculation of the difference between your areas under the curves, with standard mistake, 95% self-confidence interval in addition to P-value.


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