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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Assassins Creed 3 PC Game

On : 16:52

Assassins Creed 3 PC Game
PC Game  Assassins Creed 3

Assassins Creed 3 Game Review:  Assassin's Creed is a history based action and adventure open world stealth video games series which as of 2013 has produced five main games and some supporting materials. The games have been launched for the Xbox 360, PS3, Mac OS XP Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, PSP, iOS, HP webOS,Android, Nokia Symbian Windows Phones, PlayStation Vita and Wii U platforms. The mainstream games in this series were by Ubisoft Montreal with the handheld titles many by Gameloft and Gryptonite Studios with additional features developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Every game in Assasin's Creed series has been published by Ubisoft. This games series has been a success and won a number of prestigious awards. The series took inspiration from Vladimir Bartol's novel called " Alamut ",Bartol is from Slovenia. The Assassin's Creed games start in 2012 featuring Desmond Miles who is a bartender by profession and is a descendant of several generations of prominent Assassins though raised as an Assassin himself he left his nomadic family to seek out a more casual lifestyle. He is initially abducted by the mega-corporation Abstergo Industries, the current day face of the Knights Templar who are familiar with Desmond's lineage. They force Desmond to use the Animus, a device that enables him to experience the memories of his ancestors. Abstergo is seeking the location of various artifacts, or "Pieces of Eden" that hold unimaginable power to control all of humanity and change the course of its fate bringing mankind into a one unified faction. Desmond also meets a small group of present day Assassins and agrees to join them, he than uses their version of the Animus that is Animus 2 to continue to explore his ancestoral memories to discover the hidding places of additional Pieces of Eden so they can be recovered before Abstergo can get them. While goin through these memories some of their special abilities are genetically transferred into Desmond this is termed as the Bleeding Effect granting him some of specific Assassin skills of his predecessors with multiple versions of memories and personalities in his mind as a cost of this gift.

Assassins Creed 3 Game Screenshots
Assassins Creed 3 Game

Assassins Creed System Requirements: 
Win XP
Intel2.8 GHz Intel
RAM 512 GB 
H Drive Space 40 GB 
Graphics 512 MB 
Video Card Direct X 9 
Sound Card Direct X 8.0
Assassins Creed 3 Recommended system requirements: 
Win XP / Vista
Intel Dual Core 2GHz
H Drive Space 80 GB
Graphics 1GB
Video Card Direct X 9 
Sound Card Direct X 8.0
Internet Connection 2 Mbps
Assassins Creed 3 Download


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