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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Freedom Fighters free Download

On : 16:52

Freedom Fighters free Download
Freedom Fighters PC Game Download PIC

Freedom Fighters Game ReviewFreedom Fighters 2003 is a third-person shooter action game developed by IO Interactive and published by EA games. This action game is based on an imaginary plot in which Russia is able to force all European countries to stand with herself and United Kingdom becomes the last country to become a member of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union attacks United States of America and thus the game begins. Red Troops are able to defeat the US forces and take control of the country. This triggers are Resistance Movement among the patriots of America. The players take control of a man named Christopher Stone. Stone's brother was captured by the occupying forces. Stone first fights to save his brother,but he then joins the Resistance. The players gets to use assault rifles, molotov cocktails, RPGs, Hand Grenades etc. We can also lead Squads who execute our commands and orders. The game has good graphics and smooth plat experience. You can play action games and other fighting games from our website. Also watch war games trailer from here.

Freedom Fighters Screenshots
Freedom Fighters PC Game

Freedom Fighters System Requirements:
Microsoft OS Win XP
Intel Processor 733 MHz
RAM 128MB 
HDrive Space 10 GB
Video Card Direct X 9.0c compatible 64 MB 
Sound Card Direct X 9.0

Freedom Fighters Recommended system requirements:
Install Windows 7/8
Processor 1.86GHz
RAM 512MB 
HDrive Space 30GB
Video Card Direct X 9.0c compatible 128MB 
Sound Card Direct X 9.0
Joystick Controllers



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