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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Miasmata Free Download

On : 05:40

Miasmata Free Download
Miasmata Game Full Version

Miasmata Game ReviewMisamta 2012 is a game by IonFX based on a survival horror theme. This adventure game starts off with a scientist named Robert Hughes who is the protagonist. Hughes is stranded on an island with unknown and dangerous terrain. He suffers from a mysterious and lethal disease which kills a person by dehydration if they do not consume plenty of water regularly. Also a supernatural beast lurks somewhere in the woods which is a continuous threat hanging over Robert's head. The players have to navigate him through this landscape and search plants and herbs to find a cure from this ailment. He should proceed cautiously in this hostile environment to save himself from falling off a cliff,getting attacked by the creature or disorientation. Our job is to get Robert the medicinal plants he require then take him to a "Research Station" where he can process them into medicine in order to cure himself. The navigation is based on Triangulation techniques used in Cartography. We should not allow him to get lost because this is very harmful for Hughes. The game was designed by two brothers Joe Johnson and Bob Johnson. This is a low-budget game yet still it managed to receive positive comments from critics. This adventure game is for those who play with patience and consistency. Download Miasmata free 2012 game from our free games website. 

Miasmata Screenshots
Miasmata PC Game

Miasmata System Requirements: 
Win XP
Intel 2.0 GHz
RAM 512GB 
H Drive Space 40 GB
Graphics 256 MB
Video Card Direct X 9 
Sound Card Direct X 8.0

Miasmata Recommended System Requirements: 
MS Windows7/8 OR Vista
H Drive Space 80 GB
Video Card Direct X 9 
Sound Card Direct X 8.0

Miasmata Download


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