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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Need For Speed The Run PC Game

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Need For Speed The Run PC Game

Need For Speed The Run Game Review: Need for Speed The Run 2011 is one of the best racing games, the eighteenth title in the well received NFS franchise while created by EA Black Box and launched by EA games. The Nintendo Wii and 3DS versions were created by Firebrand Games, the mind behind Nitro and Undercover. NFS Run 2011 was released in Europe as well as in America in 2011. The game is said to be an high stakes race across the country side. The only way to bring life back to your self is to be the 1st from San Francisco to NYC. Without speed limits. Without rules, and without allies. With only polished driving skills and firm determination. In NFS The Run, gamers are competing in an underground place of illegal, high risks racing, in a high speed drive from San Francisco to New York City, with stops through Las Vegas, Denver and many other points, turning it into the 1st NFS title in the series to use actual locations. The police aren't the only ones up against the player though, as the gamer sweeps across borders, crawl through dense urban traffic, glides down ice caped-mountain drives & navigates through treacherous canyons at breakneck velocities. There are over three hundred kilo meters (one hundred and ninety miles) of racing track, 3 times more than NFS Hot Pursuit, making it the biggest game in the NFS series game. The Run 2011 is powered through DICE's Frostbite 2 engine, making the game the 1st non shooting title and one of the first console racing games titles to deploy the engine, which enable visuals scenes and vehicle physics that hug the smooth road even at breakneck speeds all created around an interesting storyline. For NFS Autolog, the Need for Speed series' social gaming feature, which was brought forward in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and was used in Shift 2 Unleashed the last time, is also available here as it continues to track career progress and comparing game statistics. NFS 2011 The Run go mixed reception from critical sources. The 1st review was launched by GameInformer, which awarded the game 7.75/10, commenting that Need for Speed The Run is not a very bad game it has just been unable to capitalize on its opportunities . San Francisco to NYC is a lengthy haul, and it's even lengthier when not enough occurs in between. Some positive reviews include GameTrailers, which granted it an 8.4 rating, and said praised the gameplay in Need for Speed 2011 The Run.

Need For Speed The Run Screenshots

Need For Speed The Run System System Requirements:
Windows XP OR Vista
2.86 GHz Processor Intel
Hard Drive 40 GB space
Graphics Card 512 MB

Need For Speed The Run Recommended System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7/8
Core i5 Intel Processor
Hard Drive 80 GB space
Graphics Card 1 GB
Joysticks Controllers
Broadband Connection Internet 2Mbps 

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