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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Moto Racer Free Download

On : 06:00

Moto Racer Free Download
Moto Racer Bike Racing Game

Moto Racer Game Review: Motor Racer 1997 is one of the most famous bike racing games of its time. This legendary game was made by Delphine Software International and released by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows and PS1. MR is a game which every bike racing game lover should play as its a classic game. The game features not very good graphics but the tracks are fun to play anyway these include West Way, Snow Ride,Dirt Arena and Speed Bay when we play in Championship mode when can unlock additional stages by securing any of the top three positions which include Rock Forest, Lost Ruins, Great Wall and Red City. Two others Fun Fair and Sea of Sand are available for downloading from the Moto Racer website. There is a time restricted mode called Time Attack. The game portrays both Dirt bikes racing and Street bike racing. Now it depends upon the track that which bike can the player choose. Though the game is out dated,but amazingly it has a multiplayer option as well. After this DSI also developed Moto Racer 2 and Moto Racer 3. Download Moto Racer free from here. Various car games and bikes games are also available at our free games site for downloading.

Moto Racer Screenshots
Moto Racer Bike Game


Motor Racer 1997 System Requirements:
Windows XP
Pentium 3 System
Processor 733 MHz
RAM 128 MB
Storage Space 20 GB
Graphics Card SVGA

Motor Racer 1997 Recommended System Requirements:
Win XP Only
Processor 1GHz
256 MB RAM
Storage Space 30 GB
Graphics Card High SVGA 

Moto Racer Download


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