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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Yamaha Supercross Download for PC

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Yamaha Supercross Download for PC
Yamaha Supercross Bike Game For PCs

Yamaha Supercross Bike Game ReviewYamaha Supercross is a raving game for the Wii, the Nintendo DS, PC and the PlayStation 2 platforms by Coyote Console and published by Zoo Digital in the UK while Games in USA. It was initially released in 2008 in North America. The Wii version of the game is built from scratch rather than simply being a port of the PlayStation 2 version. Player takes the role of the brother of one of the greatest names in Supercross who was sent to the hospital in the final showdown of the World

Championships in a deliberate move by Team Nemeshisu. Players get their brother's place with team Yamaha and with their brother's assistance progress through the ranks to become World Champion and seek revenge on his enemies. Yamaha Supercross has racing customized off the road motor bikes on dirt roads. Players polish their bike handling skill sets over obstacles and odd junks while competing with other riders. Track conditions depend upon bumps, mud and changing weather.Yamaha license will be acknowledged by the admirers of Supercross and bikes generally. In Championship Mode players take part in three distinct Championship Series. Each gets tough progressively. Players can face challenges in the Arcade Mode. They cal customize tracks, bikes as well as weather options and the number of opponents.Ghost Mode enable players to compete with their best.Split screen multiplayer supports competitive as well as co-operative "team" based game-play.Tracks have obstacles like rhythm sections,jumps and whoops.Weather effects as rain, dust,exhausts mud,smoke, lightening and splashes.A variance in weather conditions will make its mark on handling and performance of the sports bikes. Rewards such as latest tracks, race bikes and decals get unlocked as players work their way through the game.The collision vary upon the force of the crash and what kind of object the player has struck. Various camera perspectives like Follow Cam. Look Behind,Replay Cam. Fly-Through and jump.

Yamaha Supercross Screenshots
Yamaha Supercross Bike Game

Yamaha Supercross Game For PCs

Yamaha Supercross Game

Yamaha Supercross System Requirements:
Windows XP 
Pentium Three 733 Processor
RAM 128 MB
Hard Disk 20 GB
Video Card 64 MB Memory
20 GB Space Of Hard Drive

Yamaha Supercross Recommended System Requirements:

Win XP OR Vista
Pentium Four Processor 1.86
RAM 512 MB
Hard Disk 40 GB
video card with 128 MB memory,
40 GB Space Hard Drive

Yamaha Supercross Free Download


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