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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Raceroom Racing Experience Full Download

On : 10:53

Raceroom Racing Experience Full Download

Raceroom Racing Experience Game Review: Race 07 is a racing simulator pc game by SimBin Studios. The game is the sequel to the 2006 title Race The Official WTCC Game. Like the authentic Race, the title is officially licensed by the World Touring Car Championship. It has since brought forward eight expansion packs like GTR Evolution,STCC The Game, Race On, Formula Raceroom, STCC The Game 2, GT Power, WTCC 2010 and the ultimate expansion pack for the series called The Retro expansion. Race 07 includesmore than 300 cars in 9 different racing classes. Race 07 features the whole of 2007 and 2006 seasons of the FIA WTCC as well as eight more classes on 14 tracks from all over the planet.Multiplayer is only accessible after installation of the Steam client and registration for an account at Steam.

Raceroom Racing Experience GamePlay: Along with cars from the WTCC 2006 and 2007 seasons Race 07 also has the Euro Formula 3000, Radical (SR3 and SR4), Formula BMW, Caterham (CSR200, 260 and 320 concept), Mini Cooper S and 2 cars from the WTCC 1987 season (the Alfa Romeo 75 and BMW M3).Porsche and Ferrari have been excluded. WTCC2006/2007 icludes Alfa Romeo 156,BMW 320i e46, Seat León,Chevrolet Lacetti, Honda Accord Euro-R etc. While WTCC 1987 features Alfa Romeo 75turbo and BMW M3 e30. The formula 3000 include Formula BMWCaterham, CSR Caterham, CSR260,Radical SR3, Mini Cooper S etc. Race 07 has all fourteen tracks featured in the official WTCC championships of 2006 and 2007. There is also one fictional track called Vara Raceway and various modified layouts of existing tracks totaling up to 32 tracks. WTCC features Brands Hatch UK, Anderstorp Sweden, Monza Italy,Magny-Cours, France and many other race tracks. The featured additional tracks are Estoril Portugal, Imola Italy,Vara Raceway (a fictional track based in Sweden) Formula Raceroom 2011 is a free add-on package to RACE 07 also developed by SimBin and adds a F1 style car and Hockenheimring circuit to the real game.

Raceroom Racing Experience Screenshots

Raceroom Racing Experience System Requirements:
Win XP/Vista
1.7 GHz Processor Intel
RAM 512 MB
Hard Disk 30 GB
Graphics Card 256 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card: Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X: Version 9.0c

Raceroom Racing Experience Recommended System Requirements:
Win7 OR Vista
2.86 GHz Intel Processor
Hard Disk 40 GB
Graphics Card 512 MB Graphics Memory
Sound Card: Direct X 9 Compatible
Direct X: Version 9.0c
Internet Connection 

Raceroom Racing Experience Download 1
Raceroom Racing Experience Download 2


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